Why Choose Us? /

  • No down time and no red tape.

Since 1996, the key to our success is something we call "The NYI Difference":

1) 99.9999% uptime since 1996
Few datacenters have been around as long as we have. Even fewer can claim our track record of excellence. Industry watchers Netcraft gives us a "risk rating" of zero out of 10. Also, our Bridgewater, NJ facility was named "Emerging Business of the Year" by NJ BIZ.

2) Personal relationships matter to us
Many of our customers chose us when they were starting up. We provided them with the support and data services they needed to grow, and today many of them are industry leaders.

3) We’re not that big – and we like it that way
While we have the same capabilities as the global providers, we are something they can never be: local. This focused approach gives us an unmatched expertise of NY infrastructure, which is why we are so good at what we do.

4) Owner occupied
We own and maintain our own data centers. Not only is this something few of our competitors can claim, it's how we are able to launch specialized deployments so quickly. With direct access to generators and oil tanks, we also maintain uptime without compromise in service quality during storms.

5) Data solutions tailored to your business
While most providers bundle their offering, forcing you for pay for additional services, we pride ourselves on giving you only what you need. Looking to add a managed VPN and a firewall to your existing server solution? Or maybe you want colocation with redundant offsite VPS instances, managed email hosting, and burstable bandwidth? It’s entirely up to you.