24/7 Support /

Dedicated, Knowledgeable Support – no machines, no stock answers.

On Call, All the Time /

Many data center partners outsource their support. Not NYI. We proudly keep our expertise in-house.  From our 24x7 Network Operation Center, our engineers can assist with any situation.

High-touch, Personalized service: Our engineers know you by name, and are familiar with your specific technical needs.  We immediately address issues that take larger global providers several phone calls and lots of red tape. It is NYI’s priority to help you then and there, on the spot. No red tape and no long wait. We save you time and spare you aggravation.

Whether you require expert advice from senior management or simply need help rebooting, the NYI team is always just a phone call away.

As a valued NYI customer, you have 24x7x365 access to our custom-built in-house help desk.

The NYI Helpdesk /

When you submit a ticket via the NYI helpdesk, you can rest easy. Your request will never get lost or overlooked.  We designed a customized help desk, specifically to make your experience more interactive and easier to get assistance immediately. Our advanced online ticket system is incredibly user friendly and allows us to maintain a database of information, so we can quickly prioritize and attend to your query. We consistently update the helpdesk to accommodate the changing needs of our customers and to ensure that requests are serviced as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The NYI online ticket system also provides you with an easy means of finding case information, such as reboot sequence, login authorization, IP’s in question and time of incident. This valuable historical perspective helps NYI to rectify possible chronic issues and serves as a reminder for billing or service credit.

NYI Helpdesk - Always there. Always on. We can also be reached immediately at (212) 269-1999.

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