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In the same way you can customize your infrastructure, NYI also gives you the freedom to customize the services your infrastructure delivers:

  • Managed networking solutions including firewall, load balancing and VPN solutions
  • Backup & storage solutions
  • Security & compliance solutions
  • System administration / hardware administration
  • Monitoring: Users can even gauge networking or firewall issues from a separate external network
  • Custom network monitoring
  • Extended cross connects to other NY area metro facilities, data centers and carrier hotels - all can be managed by NYI

We also continue to improve our advanced log analysis tool that allows you to keep track of bandwidth consumption, database replication, ROI and conversion reporting.


Fault Tolerant Web (FTW)

FTW is designed to optimize and accelerate the content of any website, serving your pages from our lightning-fast load-balanced cache clusters. From Cloud/VPS servers, to dedicated servers, FTW will make your website faster and more resilient. And the service is growing. NYI recently deployed FTW in Phoenix and Amsterdam, adding to its slate of locations that also includes New York, New Jersey, Seattle, Los Angeles and  London. 

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NYI MigrAssist

Ready for a data center change? NYI understands the headaches and complexities involved in moving to a new data center. Without proper planning and technical expertise, this process can be very time consuming and expensive.

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Clone your Admin:

Too often the most important technical information about your organization is stored on the mental hard drive of your system administrator. That’s why we meet with that person and document your infrastructure, down to the last sub-directory. This way, we have your back – and you have a colleague in our data center that knows your technical goals and responsibilities inside and out.

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