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New York City Facility


New York City Facility


New York City Facility


New York City Facility


New York City Facility

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New York City Facility

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New York City Facility

This 30,000+ square-foot, SSAE16-compliant facility is our primary data center and company headquarters. 100 William Street combines the efficiencies of an enterprise-class datacenter with the strategic connectivity advantages of being in the center of the world’s financial capital. From here, we deliver direct, sub-millisecond access to international backbones, along with diverse, low-latency fiber optic connectivity. Check out our factsheet, Making a Case for Colo.


Building Specifications

  • Located in the heart of Lower Manhattan with direct connectivity to all major exchanges and peering networks as well as low-latency access to 999 Frontier, NYI's DP/BCP facility less than 40 miles away in Bridgewater, NJ
  • SSAE16, HIPAA, PCI Compliant
  • 18" raised floor with fire and flood sensors throughout
  • Roof access available


  • Multiple layers of hardened physical security
  • 24x7x365 on-site security
  • CCTV surveillance with digital storage
  • Multiple layers of electronically controlled card access
  • Biometric access

Power Distribution

  • Over 2MW of power available
  • N + 1 UPS configuration with 15 minutes of battery runtime at full capacity
  • Generator Backup capable of at least 72 Hours Runtime
  • Power density of over 150 Watts per square foot
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Gear (ATS) which switches to generator power within 90 seconds of commercial power loss
  • 120V, 208V, 208V 3-Phase and 48V DC power options
  • Hospital-grade fueling contracts with multiple vendors to ensure priority refueling

Environmental Control

Fire Detection/Suppression

  • Zoned, triple pre-action VESDA fire suppression system